Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The dress!

So I mentioned earlier that I got engaged, and probably didn't go into too much detail about it because I wrote a massive post, but I thought I would quickly mention that I picked out my dress today! And bought it! It was such an on the spot decision, and I didn't get a chance to do any shopping around really, but A: There was a 50% off sale at the wedding shoppe down the road from me, B: the second I put it on I knew that it was the one for me... And did I forget to mention IT WAS 50% off?! This gorgeous number only put me back $500, which I was completely ecstatic over!

At first the ones I was thinking about getting, part of me did feel like I was settling a bit because of the sale, and I almost walked out with one of those dresses, but the second I put this one on, and walked up onto their little podium with the veil and tiara and necklace on, I knew it was the one, I actually teared up a bit even... watch out wedding day!

This purchase has also made things see very real in the fact that I'm getting married, it's the first physical thing I've gotten for our wedding so far, (not including my engagement ring). So now everything else is swimming around in my head, so we'll see how it all goes from here!

Also decided to post a picture of my ring since I'm yet to do that, I'll post more wedding stuff at another time!

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