Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daily log X2

For May 30th, since I didn't get the chance to post through all the business of the day.
Breakfast: Ice coffee with condensed milk
Lunch: leftover zucchini pie
dinner: potstickers from Fox and the Fiddle
Late night snack: Baked Brie with Jazzable sauce

Excercise: walking to and from work = 30mins overall
working on my feet for 8 hrs
walking to and from Maggies Supper and Jazz club in heels = 1 hr overall

Weight: 123.2

I felt amazing yesterday, wasn't sore at all from the p90x video, no headaches all day, my energy was phenomenal, as was my mood!

For today:
Breakfast: Iced coffee with condensed milk (a trend? I believe so)
Lunch: Curry Chicken with Saffron rice
Dinner: Thin crust hawaiin pizza

Excercise: walked around the Gibralter trade center for about 2 hours
walking to work - 15mins
Game of LaserQuest - 15mins of kinda jogging
Rollerblading home from work - 10mins
Weight: 123.2.... hasn't changed at all today! But I also weighed my self much later in the day, so who knows since weight changes about 2lbs give or take a day

Today I was really hurting, but I'm not sure if I just slept wrong on my one shoulder, or what, I had a glass of wine at Maggies supper and Jazz club last night, so it could have been that giving me my headache since I haven't drank in about a month, and haven't had wine in about 6 months, but my jaw is really aching as well, so my wisdom teeth are probably the main culprit in that. My energy levels were still really good though, I think I can mainly thank my iron pills for that, they make a world of difference for me when I remember to take them.

Thats all for today though, I'll post again tomorrow and probably throw up some more yummy recipes, that zucchini pie turned out awesome!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Daily log

So I'm going to try to start a daily log on my venture to becoming healthier, we'll see how this one goes lol. I'll keep posted what I ate, the exercise I've done as well as my weight and physical condition. Now keep in mind, I'm not really dieting or exercising to lose weight, I'm more trying to lead a healthy lifestyle as well as keeping a log of this to see how it actually affects me. I also want to take this chance to congratulate Jackie from "The other side of the fence", my older sister on her achievements through weight watchers, as far as I can remember she's lost close to 18lbs with them and now weighs less than me! A huge inspiration for me for sure! So here goes my log for today, and I'll probably update it throughout the day.

Weight: 122.5lbs

I didn't have breakfast thismorning but I had an early lunch.
Lunch: Edamame (blanched soya beans) and a Ginger Hammer (Carrot, Apple and Ginger juice)
Mid day snack: Iced espresso with condensed milk.
Dinner: Spinach Salad with a lemon garlic dressing and Zucchini Pie - Recipe:

My exercise for today -
Walking to the Galleria Mall, about a half-hour there and back
P90X work out video

I've been feeling pretty good today, started the day with some fresh air, and so long as I keep up with my iron pills I feel great. I felt the iced espresso really gave me that extra little boost to make it through the rest of the afternoon and I'm thinking about having another to give me the boost to get through that p90x video.


If there's one thing I lack on my days off, it's generally motivation to do something productive. My day off should never be more work than my days I do work... but sometimes they are. My apartment is normally a bit of a mess from constant guests and a fiance that doesn't really pick up after himself... He's in the "I had to do this when I lived with my parents I'm not going to do this now that I'm on my own" phase still... so I'm the one who sometimes has to follow him around pick up dirty dishes. But I really don't mind because he helps me out in alot of other ways, and since I only work part time, it's not too hard of a task for me to get the dishes thrown in the dishwasher.

I'm also battling a never ending pile of laundry. Our roomate recently moved out leaving us with a spare bedroom for the next couple of months and I've completely filled it to the brim with all of our clothes. I plan over the next couple weeks to sit down and do a major closet cleanup, Ryan and I have clothes in there we haven't worn since highschool! Which was 4 years ago for me and 6 years ago for him! I also hope this will help me get through the laundry. I wish I could have a clothes line, and a bigger dryer. Our dryer takes about 2 hours just to dry one small load of laundry. Because we have ensuite we have one of those little plug in anywhere dryers... which I don't understand considering we pay the hydro. I may even just save my coins and have Ryan drive me to a laundry mat one day so I can get it done in one sweep. After that I plan on getting into a schedule.

I found an amazing schedule whilst playing on stumble upon, that really helped me put house cleaning into a simple perspective. They recommended to get into a schedule for everything, assign a different room to a different day of the week and spend 15-30 minutes doing all the cleaning. Have one day of the week where you wash all your sheets and towels, and then for two people do your laundry every 3-4 days.

I also have a tonne of organizing I want to do while I have this spare room. My closet has about 6-7 boxes still packed from when I moved here. Some are still packed from my last apartment. That I want to go through and clear out. Lots of school projects that I don't need anymore, lots of things that can be made of better use by someone else. I wish I had a yard so we could have a yard sale. Oh well though.

Once all of the cleaning and organzing is done... I plan to have this done by the end of June, preferably by the end of next week even. I'm turning the spare bedroom into a sewing room for the next couple months and probably going to devote alot of my spare time to sewing, mainly for the fashion show that Leanne and I are doing in July. But also to get my rave line off the ground and online this summer. We'll see how it goes though!

For now though I have the motivation to get this train started again so enough blogging for now, it's time to clean!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Simple Things

So this evening marks the end of the first long weekend of the summer. And I hope everyone got to see atleast one fireworks display. I just got back not long ago from the one the Optimist Club puts on at Fanshawe Park Conservation Area, and I'm just sad that they only happen once a year.

I must say, of all the things that could be my favourite about summer, I would have to say Fireworks is number one. I can't even describe the child like giddiness I get from watching them. As we sat that tonight among thousands of people, I wished I could be right up there with the little kids screaming with glee at every fire work that went off. I think I was probably audible enough though with my constant "Oh Wow's" and "I love the way that one went". Ryan's hand was probably a little bit sore by the end of it too just from my squeezing it from excitment. And on the car ride home I came to the realization that this was such a simple thing to lift my spirits and get me so excited. And it's not just the giant display of fireworks I love, I've spent every long weekend involving fireworks out on my balcony watching them go off. I even spent one Canada Day weekend in my stairwell of my old apartment watching the big show downtown because there was a thunderstorm coming and we didn't want to get caught in the rain.

My other top summer event that is very closely related that brings me unending joy is thunderstorms. At my old apartment I lived on the 12th floor looking towards downtown, and now I live on the 16th floor, looking back towards my old apartment in the NorthEast corner of town. I can't wait to spend the summer out sitting at my new bistro set watching the thunderstorms go past. And more than likely running inside the second I feel they get to close and cowering on the couch... because it's really quite the love/hate relationship I have with them.

I hope you all had a safe and fun long weekend. And I can't wait the month and a half until the next big display for Canada Day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Procrastination, procrastination.

So I'm sure at this point in my blog you can all tell I'm a huge procrastinator considering I seem to leave like... over a month between posts... not very exciting eh? So I'll give a quick update as to what's been happening in my life.

I've been job hunting for awhile now, still no luck, I've been applying at every single retail store hiring an assistant manager that I can find, and a couple other random jobs like office assistant, and dressmaker (god I hope I get that one)... It's not that I dislike my job or anything, I'm just a: in a rut where I feel like my life has gone absolutely no where for 3 years now. And b: The inconsistancy of the hours is KILLING me! Some weeks I work 16 hours, other weeks I work 35... which gives me no freedom of forecasting my paychecks or saving money. Plus the hours I work are a little bit crazy sometimes, as much as I love working the over night shifts because I pretty much just get to hang out with the same group of people all night long, and may as well have 2 days off from it (the day of and the day after because I really don't sleep much after them) I would be happy to never have to work another over night shift again... unless it was a regular thing.

I've gotten back into sewing alot more lately, which has been really great for me, and a couple of really big things are happening for me fashion wise, as of last night, I sold my first pair of raver pants, I'm quite excited about it, it's been a goal of mine for a long time now. As well as I'm doing a fashion show this summer with my wonderfully talented friend Leanne. I can't wait for it either! It's called The Fashion Show, and it's part of the London Gay Pride Festival. This year's theme is Evolution. So Leanne and I have decided to do the Evolution of Fashion, takeing modern designs and having each of them be a little bit inspired by different time periods from decades throughout the 1900's - Futuristic style designs. If anyone is interested in Attending, it will be July 23rd, I'm not quite sure of the venue yet. Who knows though, it could kick off to something big. All of this has inspired me though to start working on my own Etsy store again. I just need to start making stuff for it.

Planning ahead, Ryan and I bought tickets to this Giant outdoor electronic music festival called "Eclipse" that's happening July 24-27th in the Mountains about an hour north of Montreal. So needless to say I've started planning early for that because I'm going to be swamped with Fashion Show stuff in the weeks before it.

Other than that I've been spending today getting my apartment clean, I've let it go the past couple weeks because I've been really busy with sewing for events and such, I picked up a couple of books the other day and hope to get through them this summer, in no particular order they are: Memoirs of a Geisha, The meeting Sextet; Wonderlust, and Kindred Spirits of the same series - both of which are prequals to the Dragon Lance "Dragons of..." Trilogy. I'm iffy about these two books though because they're not writted by the authors of the trilogy that I fell in love with... so we'll see how they go.

Going onward, I make no promises to the consistency of this blog, but I will try my hardest not to procrastinate so much! Hope all is well for everyone else out there in the Blog World.