Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big things?

So there's a few big things coming my way in the fashion world that I feel I need to quickly write about... because they make me feel like I may actually be able to do something in this career field... and soon!

In 9 days, I will be showing my first real line in a fashion show, shared with my wonderful design partner Leanne, she's given me the motivation, and outlet to actually do this!

By the end of the summer, I plan on releasing both my NerdRage line of video game inspired hoodies, and my Kandi Rayv line of ravewear in online stores.

The most exciting news of all today though, is I was shopping in downtown Toronto's amazing Kensington Market, and went into this store called The Rage which sells clothing made by local fashion designers, I've heard of it before because a friend of a friend works there, as well as sells her stuff there, and in a store in London. I was browsing through their stuff and low and behold I found articles from a graduate of my program that was a year ahead of me, this got me talking to the owner about their items, and how to go about getting items sold in this store, she gave me her card, and as I was leaving, told me she'd really love to hear from me soon! That was a huge boost for me, and I'm definately going to look into sending them some stuff to sell there, sadly I don't think I could sell my NerdRage stuff in an actual store because I think that would be copywrite infringment, but I think some of my Kandi Rayv line would go well in there, and I think there's some other stuff that's right up their ally that I would love to design. Fingers Crossed!


  1. I really hope you follow through with this. I sounds like a very unique opportunity that is right up your ally. Godd luck!!MOM.