Saturday, June 27, 2009

Letting myself go? Or loving myself the way I am?

So I realized this morning as I was getting ready to go to the beach (a thing that Ryan is still doing... he's straightening his hair... for the beach) That I may be letting myself go... well maybe not letting myself go, but definitely putting forth as little effort to look good for people as possible somedays. I realized this as I put on my shorts... and realized that I have a forest on my legs - however there's a reason for that, I waxed them a couple months ago and am hoping to do it again next week. It was more when I was putting on my deodorant and realized I haven't even shaved my armpits in a few days... and didn't care. Now I don't view this as a bad thing at this point, because really, I'm not out to impress anyone when I'm going to be hot and sand covered.

Another thing I noticed though is my hair... When I was in highschool and college my hair was ALWAYS a different colour, I'd let it all grow out while dying it as many crazy colours as I could, and then I would chop it all off. It got to the point a couple of summers ago where I was almost ready to get it as short as a long buzz cut on the one side. I dyed my hair for the first time in over a year a few days ago. And it doesn't even look that different - I've had one person actually notice. But I also used to NEVER leave the house without straightened hair. This was partially because of it being short and would just take off on me. But it was also mainly because I have a rediculous cowlick right in the front (I later learned as I cut all my hair off that I have one in the back too). But I straighten my hair maybe once a week now - at most. And usually when I do straighten it I just do the front so that I don't rival elvis with the way my hair sticks out in the front. I also have been wanting to avoid dying now as much as possible because I don't want to kill my hair while I'm growing it out for my wedding (which is just over a year away).

In regards to make up, I've never really been super crazy about it, but I definately find I wear it less often now than ever. But I still do love putting it on! And normally will find the time to just throw on some eyeliner and mascara before going out somewhere.

Overall, I don't really find I'm letting myself go, so much as loving myself just the way I am, and becoming more comfortable with the person that I'm becoming.

Oh, and a quick update for the weightloss - I haven't weighed myself - but I can tell you that all my pants are getting much looser - I've gone up 2 notches on my belt at work - and I pair of shorts I bought in april that used to be tight are now falling off my butt (which is sad because I love them)

Stay tuned later for a photo post on how my hair has changed over the years! But for now - I'm off to the beach with my hairy self

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