Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Your Procrastination Station

Hello fellow bloggers and readers, we've had a very long, almost 3 month layover in the Procrastination station, but thank you for sticking around! Lets address all the issues that I've left hanging open over the past few months!

I'm currently sitting in the back room of my newest place of employment - the cafe! That's right readers, I got the job, I've been with them since my last post, and it's been a phenomenal trip watching them grow, I'm not at the East Village coffeehouse, I'm at the newest location - The Briscoe Cafe, I spend my days here baking and cooking delicious organic healthy foods to help improve peoples lives and just hanging out really. After being with the cafe part time for a couple of months, I finally gave LaserQuest the boot and am here officially full time, I worked my last shift with LQ about 2 weeks ago. There's been a financial shift from the pay I was receiving at Laser Quest, but the happiness I have from working here is beyond enough payment, and with Ryan's job, we're getting by just fine!I feel like I've made a life improvement just from being here! Just working with people who believe in a better life away from the corporate sector has made a massive improvement - I've been eating healthier, less stressed, and they give me a tonne of freedom with the days I take off so I've really been able to go out and enjoy life alot more at my own convenience!

And on the topic of Healthier living, I want to take you back to an old subject of mine - my weight! I have lost over 10lbs since the beginning of my tracking my weight, and looking back on my wii fit log - I've lost more than 15 since I was at my heaviest! I know weigh a happy 112lbs, I almost don't fit my favourite belt now - I'm on the last notch and it's still kinda loose:( my pants that I bought last winter that would get a little uncomfortable after a decent meal are now hanging off of me. And my stomach is almost nice and flat! Wanna know how I did it? So do I... Shortly after I stopped posting about my daily weight log I stopped focusing on losing weight and just made sure I stayed active, and ate healthier alternatives - I know working at the cafe has helped a tonne! Now the main goal - Keeping it off during the holiday season!

3..2..1.. Lift Off

I'm also proud to announce as off a couple weeks ago the launch of my clothing company Raygun Designs! Look for us on facebook! My current focus is rave attire, which is being sold at raves run by the company Nocturnal Commissions, but I'm also doing commissions on the side for anyone who has something special that they want - the current project - A "Where the Wild Things Are" Hoodie for my friend's girlfriends Christmas present!

So needless to say even though the blog train has had a very long layover in the procrastination station - I myself kept on moving - maybe now that I have down time and a computer at the cafe I'll be able to start chugging along at a steadier pace. Until then - Next stop - Who the hell knows!

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