Monday, December 14, 2009

Up and Coming!

So when I was younger I used to have some pretty wild hair, I'd dye it all different colours, and get quite a few crazy cuts. The past few years I've really normaled up, and sorry, but I'm not very happy with that change... So in honour of being able to wear my hair however I want again (Goodbye Oppressive Laser Quest! You won't be missed!) I'm dying it pink and braiding in cotton Candy pink and blue Dread extensions! I'm slowly working away on the dreads, I'm quite thrilled to see the way they're coming along! I'll make sure to post a step by step log of everything from my most recent hair cut of getting the bangs ready to go, to the bleach blonde Amanda, to the "Cupcake Pink" Hair, and finally the dreads braided in! I hope you're all as excited for this as I am! Can't wait to wear them home at Christmas!

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