Friday, April 3, 2009

Wedding stress... already

So the other day Ryan and I found out how much the campgrounds we wanted to have our wedding at was going to cost. A total sum of less than $200... However after a few more corresponding emails with a member of the board of directors, we found that because it's a church run grounds, we are not allowed to have any form of alcohol there... lame... So now I'm stressed about where to hold the dinner and reception... am I stressing about this too soon?...

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  1. No, not too early at all! Most venues are reserved even a year in advance - if you don't want to be disappointed, it's time to start looking and booking! First you need to decide how many guests you will need to accomodate, and go from there. What about the Flesherton Kinplex, since it won't be too far from the ceremony location? I've seen it decorated nicely for weddings. That is, assuming it wont be a big wedding. If you want a hall, you'll have to contact the Municipality of Grey Highlands. I think it's about $300 to rent (and has a full kitchen), but not sure.