Friday, May 15, 2009

Procrastination, procrastination.

So I'm sure at this point in my blog you can all tell I'm a huge procrastinator considering I seem to leave like... over a month between posts... not very exciting eh? So I'll give a quick update as to what's been happening in my life.

I've been job hunting for awhile now, still no luck, I've been applying at every single retail store hiring an assistant manager that I can find, and a couple other random jobs like office assistant, and dressmaker (god I hope I get that one)... It's not that I dislike my job or anything, I'm just a: in a rut where I feel like my life has gone absolutely no where for 3 years now. And b: The inconsistancy of the hours is KILLING me! Some weeks I work 16 hours, other weeks I work 35... which gives me no freedom of forecasting my paychecks or saving money. Plus the hours I work are a little bit crazy sometimes, as much as I love working the over night shifts because I pretty much just get to hang out with the same group of people all night long, and may as well have 2 days off from it (the day of and the day after because I really don't sleep much after them) I would be happy to never have to work another over night shift again... unless it was a regular thing.

I've gotten back into sewing alot more lately, which has been really great for me, and a couple of really big things are happening for me fashion wise, as of last night, I sold my first pair of raver pants, I'm quite excited about it, it's been a goal of mine for a long time now. As well as I'm doing a fashion show this summer with my wonderfully talented friend Leanne. I can't wait for it either! It's called The Fashion Show, and it's part of the London Gay Pride Festival. This year's theme is Evolution. So Leanne and I have decided to do the Evolution of Fashion, takeing modern designs and having each of them be a little bit inspired by different time periods from decades throughout the 1900's - Futuristic style designs. If anyone is interested in Attending, it will be July 23rd, I'm not quite sure of the venue yet. Who knows though, it could kick off to something big. All of this has inspired me though to start working on my own Etsy store again. I just need to start making stuff for it.

Planning ahead, Ryan and I bought tickets to this Giant outdoor electronic music festival called "Eclipse" that's happening July 24-27th in the Mountains about an hour north of Montreal. So needless to say I've started planning early for that because I'm going to be swamped with Fashion Show stuff in the weeks before it.

Other than that I've been spending today getting my apartment clean, I've let it go the past couple weeks because I've been really busy with sewing for events and such, I picked up a couple of books the other day and hope to get through them this summer, in no particular order they are: Memoirs of a Geisha, The meeting Sextet; Wonderlust, and Kindred Spirits of the same series - both of which are prequals to the Dragon Lance "Dragons of..." Trilogy. I'm iffy about these two books though because they're not writted by the authors of the trilogy that I fell in love with... so we'll see how they go.

Going onward, I make no promises to the consistency of this blog, but I will try my hardest not to procrastinate so much! Hope all is well for everyone else out there in the Blog World.

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