Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Buttery stuff

Now I know none of you have ever met Ryan's family, nor have I ever really talked about them on here. This entry is kind of about them, but more about a story Ryan once told me about him and his Grandma Lois. His dad's side of the family is from the southern states, mainly South and North Carolina, I love every chance we get to go down and spend time with them, and the trips are always too short! One of my favorite people to see while we're down there is his Grandma Lois, she's such a sweet woman, and always has inspirational stories about life and kindness.

As I was buttering my toast thismorning at the cafe I was thinking about a story that Ryan told me and about how he used to be incredibly O.C.D. about making sure his butter was perfectly spread and even across his entire piece of toast. He told me once about the time that he was in South Carolina and Lois was there while he was buttering his toast and explaining his method to her. The response that she gave in was profound - "If you spend all your time making sure your bread is buttered perfectly, you ruin the surprise of getting a nice buttery patch while you're eating it!"

Leave it to Ryan's sweet southern Grandma to find a perfect analogy for life through buttering toast!

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