Thursday, January 28, 2010

Money Matters (Whether we like to admit it or not)

So a few months ago I took on a volunteer position at the cafe I know work, when I took it on, I knew it would be volunteer until the cafe's were making more money, and I was completely ok with it, and thrilled at the thought of being able to help build these cafe's together with people who had become dear friends of mine. Ryan and I did alot of discussing, and strategizing about how we could go about making this all happen with money. We've very blessed that Ryan has a job that pays him generously, and he could see how much I wanted to be, and especially how much I could no longer stand being at Laser Quest.

I'm still overjoyed being at the cafe, even as a volunteer, I have so much more motivation, drive, and my health has really never been better. My friends that own it are some of the most encouraging people I have ever met, and it's so lovely to have such strong people standing behind my ideas, doing what they can to help me achieve them! I've started a clothing company because of this, which will soon start bringing in some steady income once I can focus on bringing the online store up to date, I can dye my hair and pierce my lip, I've never felt so much like my self since moving to London!

Ryan and I faced a harsh reality last night when we were sitting discussing money matters though, the one thing we didn't really account for when I chose to take this position, was the fact that we are also saving for our wedding this summer, it always seemed so far off until just this week when we started having to considering things like caterers, and the bar, and how to save to be able to pay for these things come time. I never regret leaving Laser Quest, and taking the job at the cafe, and I never will, it's made such a change in my life, and has taught both Ryan and I invaluable lessons about money, and especially taught us about not spending it on a whim.

Some considerations I have to start making though are things like, should I take on another small part time job, just to pitch in money where I can, or should I use the time I would be using on that job and put everything I have into making and selling clothing online? I will be selling a costume online soon I think that will fetch me a pretty penny, and I'll be able to put that money towards everything as well.

I cringe at the thought of having to take on another job, because I know I'll just burn and stress myself out, and my home time is so much further between with my working full time now, so even though I'm busying my self with fashion stuff on my days off, I'm atleast at home to steal some cuddles with Ryan every now and again, and we can atleast be in eachother's presence.

I have my selling this weekend, with my pre-sales already beating my sales from the last party, I already have a potential to make a tonne - the party is officially sold out as well, which the last two parties I've sold at having a lower turnout than expected - So I think this weekend will make the decision for me!

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