Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The past week and a bit I have been working very hard on my new years resolution - getting Raygun Designs off the ground! I don't know whether to say it's been easier, or harder than I had originally thought - I think my main roadblock has been the fact that well... there haven't really been any. I've been able to move along so smoothly and diligently on everything that really my only issue is I've left myself nothing to do when I'm not sewing - and I very much wanted to get some paper work done today while at the cafe... but it's finished.... expense/profit spreadsheet - finished... receipt filing - finished... and logging all my promotions and pre-orders - You got it... finished. I feel like there IS more I could be doing, but I just don't know what it is yet...

I spent last night doing some (I guess I could call it) research and development, making a prototype of a potential new tutu design - aiming for the most professionally finished looking method to do it. Before I was going the very simple no-sew route of just knotting the tulle around an elastic waistband, but these didn't seem to be selling, I think mainly because a tutu is a hard thing to buy at a rave and then find a place to keep it (most people already come to the party in what they're wearing.

At the last party I went to I had the amazing compliment of a girl actually showing up in her street clothes with the full intentions of dressing almost completely in my clothing! I've been making sure to have my camera ready for whenever I find someone wearing something I made! So here's a little preview of what was sold at the last party!

Tess showing off her Yellow and Orange Fluffies and tutu

Reita showing off her Orange tutu purchased at a previous party

Lexi and I posing with our matching hot pink fluffies

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