Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daily log X2

For May 30th, since I didn't get the chance to post through all the business of the day.
Breakfast: Ice coffee with condensed milk
Lunch: leftover zucchini pie
dinner: potstickers from Fox and the Fiddle
Late night snack: Baked Brie with Jazzable sauce

Excercise: walking to and from work = 30mins overall
working on my feet for 8 hrs
walking to and from Maggies Supper and Jazz club in heels = 1 hr overall

Weight: 123.2

I felt amazing yesterday, wasn't sore at all from the p90x video, no headaches all day, my energy was phenomenal, as was my mood!

For today:
Breakfast: Iced coffee with condensed milk (a trend? I believe so)
Lunch: Curry Chicken with Saffron rice
Dinner: Thin crust hawaiin pizza

Excercise: walked around the Gibralter trade center for about 2 hours
walking to work - 15mins
Game of LaserQuest - 15mins of kinda jogging
Rollerblading home from work - 10mins
Weight: 123.2.... hasn't changed at all today! But I also weighed my self much later in the day, so who knows since weight changes about 2lbs give or take a day

Today I was really hurting, but I'm not sure if I just slept wrong on my one shoulder, or what, I had a glass of wine at Maggies supper and Jazz club last night, so it could have been that giving me my headache since I haven't drank in about a month, and haven't had wine in about 6 months, but my jaw is really aching as well, so my wisdom teeth are probably the main culprit in that. My energy levels were still really good though, I think I can mainly thank my iron pills for that, they make a world of difference for me when I remember to take them.

Thats all for today though, I'll post again tomorrow and probably throw up some more yummy recipes, that zucchini pie turned out awesome!

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