Monday, May 18, 2009

Simple Things

So this evening marks the end of the first long weekend of the summer. And I hope everyone got to see atleast one fireworks display. I just got back not long ago from the one the Optimist Club puts on at Fanshawe Park Conservation Area, and I'm just sad that they only happen once a year.

I must say, of all the things that could be my favourite about summer, I would have to say Fireworks is number one. I can't even describe the child like giddiness I get from watching them. As we sat that tonight among thousands of people, I wished I could be right up there with the little kids screaming with glee at every fire work that went off. I think I was probably audible enough though with my constant "Oh Wow's" and "I love the way that one went". Ryan's hand was probably a little bit sore by the end of it too just from my squeezing it from excitment. And on the car ride home I came to the realization that this was such a simple thing to lift my spirits and get me so excited. And it's not just the giant display of fireworks I love, I've spent every long weekend involving fireworks out on my balcony watching them go off. I even spent one Canada Day weekend in my stairwell of my old apartment watching the big show downtown because there was a thunderstorm coming and we didn't want to get caught in the rain.

My other top summer event that is very closely related that brings me unending joy is thunderstorms. At my old apartment I lived on the 12th floor looking towards downtown, and now I live on the 16th floor, looking back towards my old apartment in the NorthEast corner of town. I can't wait to spend the summer out sitting at my new bistro set watching the thunderstorms go past. And more than likely running inside the second I feel they get to close and cowering on the couch... because it's really quite the love/hate relationship I have with them.

I hope you all had a safe and fun long weekend. And I can't wait the month and a half until the next big display for Canada Day!

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