Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not much today

So today I didn't eat a whole lot, wasn't very hungry to be honest
Pretty much just had some popcorn, a bowl of Edamame (salted soy beans) and a Veggie dog for dinner. Been drinking a couple of glasses of Kaluha and chocolate milk. My weight today is 123, my excercise is going to be dancing shortly at Way2sour.

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  1. Okay, I'm just gonna go ahead and tell you what's wrong from my perspective. It's all stuff that I've learned from and I'm trying to help you out here...

    Step 1 - Eat breakfast. A piece of toast, a yogurt, some lowfat cottage cheese (perfect, LOTS of protein!)...something. Something with protein is ideal. As we learned in WW last week...your metabolism is exactly like a fire, and your food is the wood. If you leave the fire allll night, when you wake up it will be cold. You need to get that fire going when you wake up in the morning. You need to add to that fire frequently throughout the day to keep it going. If you put crappy little twigs on the fire, they'll burn up quickly and the fire will go out - but if you put on a solid piece of hardwood, it will burn longer and keep you warm.

    Step 2 - Ditch the condensed milk. Go for skim, or as low-fat as you can enjoy. I know you claim to have lactose issues, so go for soy if you need to. Don't skip your coffee altogether, just make it healthier.

    Step 3 - If you really ARE eating only 800cal/day (that doesn't sound right), that may not be enough. If you aren't eating enough, your body goes into "starvation mode" and you will actually gain weight. It sounds silly, but it's absolutely true - I started losing weight when I started eating more. Go figure.

    Step 4 - Not all calories are created equally. Frenchfry calories are not the same as apple calories. You will not see good results if you don't make healthy choices, regardless of your potion size.

    Step 5 - Calories are NOT the only thing that counts. My "points" are based on a combination of calories/fibre/fat. Choose foods that are high in fibre (it's recommended that women eat 27g/day), low in calories/fat. Pay close attention to food labels, and don't focus on only one number. When you're reading the label, pay attention to the serving size, and follow it.

    Step 6 - Ditch the juice. You may think it's healthy, but it's really empty calories and loads of sugar. Even if you drink pure fruit juice - think about how many oranges you would have to squeeze to get that glass. You would never sit down and eat that many oranges. And even if you did, it would be healthier than that glass of juice because you'd be getting some fibre! It was hard for me to give up, but I don't drink juice anymore. Drink at least 6 8oz glasses of water/day.

    Step 7 - Limit your alcohol. Seriously, it's empty calories and is dehydrating. Enjoy it occasionally, but think of it this way - you could eat a bowl of oatmeal for the same "points" value as a small (4 oz) glass of wine. You'll benefit from the oatmeal, and not the alcohol - is it worth it?

    Step 8 - Eat out as little as possible. You have NO IDEA what you're eating in a restaurant, and things that you think are healthy usually aren't. For example - at East Side Mario's you may order a chicken caeser salad as a healthier option. However (again, in WW terms, sorry...)that salad is 32 points. That's almost TWICE the number of points that I get for an ENTIRE DAY. Bad decision. On top of that, restaurant food is usually full of sodium, fat, have no way of knowing for sure what's in it.

    Sorry to overwhelm you with so much info - but trust me, it all works. If you want to make a change and see results, you HAVE to commit to it - it's not fun at first, but will seem more natural as you go along.