Monday, June 1, 2009

Daily log

So another day past, with some odd foods, but tonnes of exercise!
Breakfast - Cappuccino with chocolate soya milk - I ran out of condensed milk yesterday :(
Lunch - Dim sum from Hong Ping - Sesame balls with Lotus paste, shanghai dumplings with parsley, pork sui moi and BBQ pork steam buns, with Jasmine Tea
Dinner - Tempura Zaru Soba - Deep Fried shrimp and veggies with cold buck wheat noodles.

I cleaned the apartment for 5 hours straight today, I think that makes for good exercise, and that includes moving furniture, mopping and vacuuming!

Im' yet to weigh myself today, I'll post that later this evening whenever Justin is done with the TV and I can throw in the Wii Fit.


  1. I know you said that you weren't tracking your meals/excercise to lose weight...but that's a BIG factor in weight watchers. And just looking at your food choices over the past couple of days...I'm sorry, but I can see how you're gaining weight! It all sounds delicious, but talk to me if you want me to give you some pointers...

  2. Actually, even though my food choices may sound unhealthy, I've got a program on Ryan's ipod called lose it where you enter in the food your eating (already has most of it programmed in) as well as the exercise that you've done for the day, and it calculates your calorie intake, and I've been portioning to be at less than 800 calories a day